Boot camps- For people who like outdoor fitness

Boot camps were designed to improve the physical and mental abilities and endurance of military recruits. They are slowly becoming a workout of choice for many people. If you are a person who enjoys exercising outdoors and doing varied rigorous activities to get fit, then you must join a boot camp.

Meet new people

Dangerously Fit Boot camps are all about doing various physical activities with a group of people. You get to meet new people and form new friendships and this helps increase your socializing skills.

Ample sunlight and air

Outdoor fitness boot camps make you do activities in which you are exposed to ample sunlight and fresh air. This helps your body make lots of Vitamin D which strengthens your bones. Your lungs breathe in fresh air and this helps in increasing fresh blood supply to your brain and other body tissues.

Kick allergies and infections

When you exercise in a gym, you are prone to catching allergies and infections due to breathing the same air as other people. However, in a boot camp, there is ample exposure to fresh air. It makes you less prone to viral infections and allergies and you will find that you do not catch cough, cold or fever often.

Rejuvenating greenery

Studies have shown that exercising amidst greenery increases your immunity and has calming effects on your body and mind. A Fitness Australia Certified boot camp offers this advantage since most of the activities that you will do in a boot camp involve exercising outdoors.

Change of scenery

A Dangerously Fit boot camp instructor from Gold Coast will make you do various activities such as rock climbing, running uphill, jogging by the riverside, hurdle racing, running in the forest, swimming etc. This means that there is a constant change of scenery around you. This keeps your mind fresh and you are ready to take up more challenging activities.

Benefits of grounding

When you remove your shoes and workout barefoot in natural surroundings, it has a positive effect on your body. Studies have shown that the connection of your feet to the ground helps in releasing negative energy and toxins from your body thus relieving you of stress. Outdoor fitness by joining a Gold Coast boot camp thus has a holistic effect on your body.

Challenging limits

When you exercise in a gym, you often hit a plateau because your body quickly adapts to your training and exercises. In a boot camp, your body is constantly challenged because of the various rigorous physical activities that you perform. Hence your body gets a complete workout and you lose weight faster and more effectively.

Confidence booster

Exercising in a Fitness Australia Certified boot camp is a confidence booster. When you reach milestones and complete activities successfully, it increases your confidence and motivates you to perform even better.

Lose weight with less effort

Boot camps make you go through rigorous physical activities that leave you drenched in sweat. However, the intensity of these activities is such that you lose weight faster and with less effort.

Join a Gold Coast boot camp to experience the advantages of holistic workouts. They are definitely more beneficial and less expensive than any indoor gym.

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