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3 Tips For Finding a Personal Trainer

Variations in Exercises

It is important that the personal training program you choose offers several variations in exercises. You need to take up core exercises as well as cardio exercises in your fitness program. A combination of all kinds of exercises will bring out the best results for the fitness goals you have set.

Variations in the exercises help you enjoy the exercise routine and keep you motivated enough to continue with it. Outdoor fitness in Gold Coast offer different kind of exercises suited to your fitness levels.

push ups

Exercises that are Individually Designed

When you are enrolling for outdoor fitness training in Gold Coast, it is important to see that the exercises offered to you are based on your fitness levels. Every person’s fitness levels are different and your fitness instructor should be able to assess your fitness levels and design an exercise regime that is suitable for your fitness needs.

Before you begin with your outdoor training program, you should take a fitness analysis test as well as a doctor’s advice and this should be taken care by your outdoor program trainers.

Challenging Workouts

Personal trainer programs give you ample opportunity to challenge yourself and go for exercises that test your fitness aptitude. Choose an outdoor training program that has a blend of simple as well as complex kinds of exercise routines.

You could start with simple exercises and then move on to exercises that are intense and thoroughly tire you. Challenging yourself with intense form of workouts can be highly rewarding in the long run.

Think of Video Marketing for your Fitness Web Design

For a personal trainer, the internet and social media offers a huge number of fitness marketing options to grow and expand your business. Using an online video to attract new customers and increase memberships is one of the most popular and effective ways to market your fitness business. Use this tool wisely to help your business boost sales and get more clients.

Client testimonials

This is one of the most powerful online Fitness Web Design tools. Writing a short paragraph on what the client has to say about your services is not as effective and powerful as a testimonial video.

Get a few clients to review your services, results achieved and training programs and make a short video of the testimonial. Use this video on your social media page, website, blogs and other sources to increase the credentials of your business and get your business new clients.

Trainer introduction

If your business has a number of trainers who specialize in various areas of fitness, make a short trainer introduction video. Get your trainers to talk about themselves, their qualification, fitness training experience and how they think their specialty exercises can help people achieve their fitness targets. Post these trainer profiles on your website and social media page of your business.

Exercise sessions

Make short videos of exercise sessions in progress and post them on your page. It is likely to create a personal connection with prospective clients. Use geo-tagging options and spread the videos on your pages.

If you conduct special exercise sessions in a park ort playground, make a short video of it and use geo-tagging. Use popular and specific hashtags and watch the hits to your pages increase. Make sure you take your clients’ permission before posting any photos or videos of your clients on the website or any other platforms.

Facility tour

A good Fitness Web Design strategy is to give your viewers a virtual tour of your gym. Make a video of your facility, the reception area, work out zones, relaxing areas, gym equipment and trainer staff. If there are people who would want to visit your facility just to have a look at your gym, making this video serves this purpose.

Also there are many clients who ask for photographs of the gym before they actually sign up for your services. It helps in creating a personal touch with your clients and makes them more confident about your services.

Training videos

Online videos are a great Fitness Web Design tool to publish a series of workouts or training videos. Useful videos include videos such as how to do a perfect squat, how to do aerobic exercises at home etc.

You can even post videos of recipes such as how to make a protein shake, how to prepare a diet salad etc. Prospective clients are attracted to your website and ultimately to your fitness business because they are exposed to the wide variety of services that you offer.

Videos as a Fitness Web Design tool can be used in a various number of ways. Use the most relevant ones for your business. The best part of making videos for fitness marketing is that it is easy to share and not just you, but even your clients can share it widely and give more exposure for your business.

Boot camps- For people who like outdoor fitness

Boot camps were designed to improve the physical and mental abilities and endurance of military recruits. They are slowly becoming a workout of choice for many people. If you are a person who enjoys exercising outdoors and doing varied rigorous activities to get fit, then you must join a boot camp.

Meet new people

Dangerously Fit Boot camps are all about doing various physical activities with a group of people. You get to meet new people and form new friendships and this helps increase your socializing skills.

Ample sunlight and air

Outdoor fitness boot camps make you do activities in which you are exposed to ample sunlight and fresh air. This helps your body make lots of Vitamin D which strengthens your bones. Your lungs breathe in fresh air and this helps in increasing fresh blood supply to your brain and other body tissues.

Kick allergies and infections

When you exercise in a gym, you are prone to catching allergies and infections due to breathing the same air as other people. However, in a boot camp, there is ample exposure to fresh air. It makes you less prone to viral infections and allergies and you will find that you do not catch cough, cold or fever often.

Rejuvenating greenery

Studies have shown that exercising amidst greenery increases your immunity and has calming effects on your body and mind. A Fitness Australia Certified boot camp offers this advantage since most of the activities that you will do in a boot camp involve exercising outdoors.

Change of scenery

A Dangerously Fit boot camp instructor from Gold Coast will make you do various activities such as rock climbing, running uphill, jogging by the riverside, hurdle racing, running in the forest, swimming etc. This means that there is a constant change of scenery around you. This keeps your mind fresh and you are ready to take up more challenging activities.

Benefits of grounding

When you remove your shoes and workout barefoot in natural surroundings, it has a positive effect on your body. Studies have shown that the connection of your feet to the ground helps in releasing negative energy and toxins from your body thus relieving you of stress. Outdoor fitness by joining a Gold Coast boot camp thus has a holistic effect on your body.

Challenging limits

When you exercise in a gym, you often hit a plateau because your body quickly adapts to your training and exercises. In a boot camp, your body is constantly challenged because of the various rigorous physical activities that you perform. Hence your body gets a complete workout and you lose weight faster and more effectively.

Confidence booster

Exercising in a Fitness Australia Certified boot camp is a confidence booster. When you reach milestones and complete activities successfully, it increases your confidence and motivates you to perform even better.

Lose weight with less effort

Boot camps make you go through rigorous physical activities that leave you drenched in sweat. However, the intensity of these activities is such that you lose weight faster and with less effort.

Join a Gold Coast boot camp to experience the advantages of holistic workouts. They are definitely more beneficial and less expensive than any indoor gym.

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Best Health and Fitness Tips For Couples

If you and the significant other in your life have gotten a bit out of shape lately, and you have decided to do something about it, congratulations are in order. Getting back in shape is one of the best things you can do for yourself, for each other, and for your family. Best of all, you two can do this thing together. Here are some health and fitness tips for couples to help get you started.

As you get started, try and think to when things started going south. When did you get lazy around each other? When did nights eating in front of the television set replace nights going out dancing? In those exciting earlier days, chances are you both were a bit more active and stimulated to be around. This is what you want to return to.

You can begin by quitting those food filled evenings watching the tube. In fact, you can cut out all snack eating period. Here is a sure way to start losing weight, by eliminating useless snack A good rule of thumb is to cut out anything with sugar and white flour in it. White food additives must be shunned.

So without those delicious doughnuts, what do you eat for breakfast? Here is where you can start having fun with your fitness. You can start cooking together, in your kitchen, making healthy, fat and sugar-free meals. Try to outdo one another, try to surprise each other, and help feed each to the right stuff. You will have fun doing this, believe it.

Along with the proper diet habit, you are going to have to do one other thing. You both are going to have to start moving your bodies more. Decreasing caloric intake while increasing the number of calories burned off during the day equals fitness tips; it is as simple as that. So you will have to exercise somehow.

This not means going to some fancy gym or anything like that. What it means is that you should start walking together. Walk everywhere you can see from now on. Walk to the store for those vegetables you are now eating instead of driving. Take those long romantic strolls along the beach that you have been dreaming about but never got around. The time is now, so take each other by the hand and go for a walk.

Soon, something miraculous is going to happen. You will both start slimming down and gaining in energy. The direct result of this is that you two are going to start looking sexy again. This lead to a better love life, which may be the best fitness program for couples ever invented! You will feel sexier, act sexier, and start having more sex, which just keeps the ball rolling along very nicely.

You see, getting into great shape, and staying that way does not have to be that painful, self-denying slog that you are afraid of. It can be a lot of fun. During the cooking and walking times, you will find yourself communicating again, and happiness will result. And when you are both feeling friskier, well, you know about that kind of joy. So follow these health and fitness tips for couples and rekindle your lives together.